Read This When You Feel Like You’re Never Going To Get Over Something

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I genuinely believe one of the most important things that you can have in life is perspective.

When it feels like everything is pushing against us it can be easy to forget why you ever started, it becomes easy to give up.

Chances are, right now you are going through something, something that is bothering you, something that is making you upset or feel lost.You may feel confused or alone, like you can’t seem to catch a break, that nothing can go right for you.

Stop thinking like that.

Think about how far you’ve come.

Take the time to pat yourself on the back for where you are today.

Realize how much you have gone through to get to where you are. Think about the struggles you have had over the past year and how you never thought you’d overcome them.

It is so easy for us to get lost in what everyone else is doing and their successes that we forget to celebrate our own.

Everyone has their own battles, remember that before you start wishing you had someone else’s life because of what they make their life out to be.

You’ve come so far.


Think about how little you knew a year ago, or five years, or even 10 years ago. Think about how weak you once were, and how scared you may have been.

Realize that you have had to overcome your own battles too.

Stop dwelling on what car someone drives, how big someones house is, how perfect their marriage is, or how amazing their life seems.

Stop comparing your successes to someone else’s. They are not the same.

You need to realize that although compared to world hunger your problem is minimal, that it still is your problem. Just because someone else’s problem seems worse, it doesn’t make what you are going through any less important.

Think about how far you’ve come, and celebrate that.

You are stronger, you are wiser, you are more caring, you are more hopeful than you ever were.

Never forget the things you have had to overcome to get here. And never forget that everyone has their own battles, be empathetic to that. TC mark

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