This Is The Only Resolution You Need To Set For Yourself In 2018

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Joshua Fuller

By now you have probably seen or read dozens of new years resolutions from both bloggers and your friends.

You may have even created your own little list of resolutions you have for 2018.

The reality is the far majority of you won’t keep any of them, and a few of you will keep part of them, and only a tiny portion will keep any of them through the entire year. It is the hard, honest truth about resolutions, we care about them for a few months, and then we get busy with life and other things, and they quickly become irrelevant.

However, if there is one thing, one resolution, one goal, one hope for 2018 that you should have on your list and make a point to hold onto it is this:

Be happy with yourself.

That’s it.

That’s my whole list. That’s everything I want to accomplish in 2018 because once I have accomplished that I will be able to fulfill everything else regardless of the time of year.

The truth of the matter is that unless you can find happiness within yourself, you won’t be happy with anyone else or doing anything else.

Everything starts from within. Much like an addict, the first step is admitting you have a problem, but even before that, you have to want to get help.

The first step to being happy is recognizing if you are happy with yourself.

If you are unhappy with who you are, then there is no one else in this world that can change that. It doesn’t matter how many relationships you have or people you sleep with; it doesn’t matter how many pills you take or shots you drink none of it will make you happy with yourself.

I think the reason I have felt alone is that I wasn’t at peace with myself. I had my own demons haunting me, and anytime I was alone I felt them creeping back up.

Whenever I allowed myself to close my computer or turn off my phone, I would find myself alone and depressed almost immediately.

Once I started practicing mindfulness though I was able to put a lot of my life into perspective and get comfortable with being alone. Eventually, I found peace in being alone, and then over time, I found happiness in that peace.

I know how silly resolutions can be, and also how quickly we forget about them. 

I also know how lonely it can get. How dark the room is when you are alone, how loud the noise is when you need silence, and how easy it can be to give in to the world.

I beg you, in 2018, put YOUR happiness first. Put YOURSELF first. Find happiness with being alone.

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