5 Times Being Stingy Will Hurt You

image - Flickr / Julien GONG Min
image – Flickr / Julien GONG Min

Obviously there are certain circumstances in which people have to sacrifice many luxuries to survive. However, there’s a very distinct difference between being stingy and being frugal. For example, using coupons when I go to the grocery store and buying my books discounted from my public library. Yet, there are times when I really won’t mind spending that extra dollar here and there.

1. Good Food

I’ll agree, I won’t pay $40 for a single meal, but I would gladly pay for a quality burger that isn’t on the Burger King Dollar-Menu. My rationale behind this is, by the time we are aged, fragile and can’t digest hard foods, I’m going to miss being able to chew burgers and steak. So I’ll spend a little more money than fast food prices to enjoy a quality meal once in a while. Because life is way too short to be living off 99 cent ramen and McDonalds Menu fries.

2. Tipping

On the subject of food, this is one thing that no one should ever be stingy over. As a waiter myself, I know how borderline impossible it is to make a living on a waiter’s salary. With all the crap waiters have to go through, from dealing with multiple customers at a time while simultaneously having a smile on their face, how about instead of giving them an attitude, give them a couple more dollars than the pocket change you leave.

3. Gifts for Family

Having kids is pretty damn expensive. Just think about how much money your parents spent on you since you were born. From the clothes that grew out within two months, school lunches, college textbooks, haircuts, doctor’s appointments, etc…the list goes on. The least you could do is give something back in return because after a certain age, giving your mom a kiss for her birthday loses its cuteness. I’m not saying to get your father a new Rolex or your mom that new Michael Kors bag if you’re on a college kid budget. But if you’re working and having a stable job, splurge on your family. Because being you comes with a hefty price tag and your relatives know it all too well.

4. Friends

Go out and celebrate your friend’s birthday at the fancy restaurant in the city. Or see the Broadway show that you’ve both been waiting for. Or maybe even that weekend getaway in the mountains. Let’s face it, without friends, life would be pretty boring. So take the opportunities you have with them and enjoy it! For all you know, the next time you see him or her might be at their funeral. *Knock on wood*

5. You

When work starts to pile up and being stressed is an understatement, you deserve a break. Treat yourself to a bottle of wine or a spa day. People have to realize that it is completely okay to indulge in life. Obviously don’t go overboard and spend your entire savings in Las Vegas. However if it’s your birthday, or you’re going through a really bad break up, give yourself some you time. You’ve worked hard for your money. You’ve earned it! Enjoy your cash and spend it on yourself how you want it, but just be smart about it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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