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An Open Letter To Those Looking For Their Purpose in Life

Ever since we were young, we were told that our passion is the only thing we should hold – the one thing that could fire up our heart and soul, the main reason why we’d feel fulfilled traversing this world.

But that is not the case with everyone; some are still oblivious to what they truly want. Some wander not blindly but with eyes covered, engrossed with what’s happening presently.

There are those who are sure, those who know how they would unravel their future. But there are those who are just letting things unfold, starting anew each day, acknowledging every occurrence even if it doesn’t go their way.

Out of the two, neither is better than the other; we’re just mere individuals savoring this once chance at life, doing the things that could muster up faith and love they have inside.

Moreover, this is for the ones who still haven’t found their dreams or ambitions – the ones who take everything as it is, not focusing on one but the entirety of things.

One day, it will just dawn on you, the reason for your living, that one thing that you’re looking for. And even if you don’t, never falter – this doesn’t mean you’re lesser than the others. If anything, it means you’re doing better because you don’t give up on moving forward – you still face each day head-on, even if things don’t transpire like you want it to be.

Do not be impatient. This is alright – you’re not different, and no, you’re not being left behind. Take up your space in the universe, move at your own pace, and be unapologetic about who you are, because you are perfect – please never think otherwise.

We are all on the edge of great. All the things we’ve experienced are stepping stones to find what makes us feel alive, what causes our hearts to beat so hard.

There is no rush, though. Just be who you are, don’t compromise, and let your colors blind everybody. Shine bright – there’s no need to feel lost and alone. There are times that you might doubt yourself, but whatever happens, stand tall and keep on embracing whatever it is you’re feeling.

There may not be specific dreams, ambitions, or goals written in your head, but in your heart, I believe that you do know why you’re here – to make the most out of living, partake in the present, and relish this gift of life.

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