The Cold, Hard Truth About Unrequited Love

Isn’t it wonderful to have someone by your side? Someone who’d stick with you no matter what — someone like a best friend, the one who knows you more than anyone else?

You laugh and cry together, you talk about the deepest and most nonsensical things you can think of, you go to places together, you create beautiful memories, and you feel this inexplicable joy when you see then succeed. You become inseparable – you are where the other is because it feels better when you do things together or when you feel the other’s presence just nearby.

This overwhelming feeling will somehow get you in the long run – you will become confused, but you’ll just ignore it because what matters is you’re with someone you’d want to spend most of your time with. You’re with your favorite person.

Then one day, you’ll look at them and see that somehow, something’s changed – they look so stunning under that incandescent light. Their eyes seem to glow a little brighter and their smile seems perfect, plastered on their angelic face. Their gaze seems to bore into your soul, calming every bit of worry and fear inside you. It’s like something’s clicked somewhere and now you see them from a different perspective – you now see them as someone you’d want to pour out all your emotions to, as someone you see yourself with for the rest of your life, and as someone you’d love to love as much as time allows.

You fell in love and it’s the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to you. You try to make them happy, to put smiles on his face, and to keep them around because you’re better with them.

It is beautiful falling in love – until you realize they’ll never feel the same way for you.

When you do, all those memories will become hazy, all the places you’ve been to will be painful for you to visit alone, and all the times you see them happy without you will bring forth so much sorrow in your heart.

The only person who taught you to love will become the main reason you’ll be afraid to fall in love again.

You’ll wonder why they can’t love you back and if there is something wrong with you. Are you not enough? Were you being too much for them? Why?

Why is it that everything you’ve done wasn’t enough for them to look at you affectionately? Why is it that the longevity of your relationship didn’t even suffice to make you become lovers? Why did they make you feel special if you’re not actually special enough for them to like you back or to commit into a relationship with you?

Save yourself from all these questions and just breathe. Let it be. If you need to let them go, do so – if that’s what it takes to remove that pain in your heart, do it.

When you heal, you’ll know that no matter how much you try to make someone love you back, there’s really nothing you can do to change it.

Because love comes when it’s meant to – not when it’s expected to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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