The Things I Love About You (But Will Never Tell You)

First, let me start by saying I never really liked you before. You were so perfect it made me insane and insecure. How can someone act so perfectly like you do?

Time went by and I learned a few things about you, things that made me appreciate you for you—your entire existence.

I love how you make me smile, especially during my sad, gloomy days. You always make sure that despite frowning the whole morning and afternoon, I’d have a wide smile plastered on my face before we slept at night.

I love how you know you’re so right (at certain things). You know when to put your foot down and you know when to fight for what you believe in. You should see your face when you explain things to me, the way your eyebrows furrow and how your eyes gleam with excitement; it’s really cute (and funny).

I love how passionate you are in everything that you do. You always make sure that you give your all in every task given to you. Perhaps it’s in the way that you never wanted anyone to get disappointed in you, but no matter how much you tell me it’s a part of your ego, I know deep inside you just care too much about others, too, and assure that you give them any kind of help they need.

I love how you care about those close to you. Sometimes, you put others’ needs before yours, it’s truly alluring and captivating.

I love how you don’t notice that people admire you—you were always down to earth, humble, and indifferent to all the good things you show. You’re incredibly talented and eager to know more—that’s so admirable about you.

I love how patient you are with me. You’ve always been so vocal about how impatient you easily can be, but strangely enough, you were always tolerant with me, especially when I (accidentally) made you wait for me, when you explained your thoughts to me, when I became slow in comprehending the things you said, and when you taught me something new.

But most importantly, I love the way you make me love myself more. Since I’ve met you, I’ve realized my worth because of how much you valued me. You treated me better than anyone ever did, and that is the main reason why I fell in love with you.

I’m sorry if I never uttered these things to you, if I never told you how much I loved you and hoped you felt the same way.

These are the things I love about you but will never tell you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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