You Are A Story That Does Not Deserve A Second Chance

“I miss you. I know now, that I love you. So, please, come back to me.”

Perplexed, I ran away from you – I had no destination; I just ran and let my feet take me anywhere it wanted me to be.

It led me to a park – the one where you and I used to go to.

Memories came flashing back – the day we met, the day we had our first date, and the day where you and I became ‘us’.

I was like watching a movie – I saw us talking, laughing, running – loving. I realized, we were such a happy couple, and I wondered, what happened to us?

My heart felt bliss while I was watching [reminiscing] us down our memory lane. I was about to turn around to run back to you and tell you I am going to accept you in my life once again when suddenly, the scenes changed – it became dark, misty, and cold – then, I saw myself crying, alone, with no one to talk to.

I saw the moments when we were fighting, when you said those harsh words that pierced like a dagger through my skin to my heart – the time when I cried in front of you because I never wanted us to part, but you turned your back and walked away without a trace of regret on your face.

When I remembered those, I stopped on my track.

Passersby looked at me with questions in their eyes – maybe sympathy; because I was drenched with both sweat and tears from running and remembering.

No, memories shouldn’t be the reason why one should get back together with their past lover.

You – you gave me more than just tears. You gave me fear – fear that no one could ever love me again, because you made me feel I will never be enough. You made me doubt – doubt everyone’s intention in getting close to me. You made me hate myself for a moment because I thought, if I couldn’t make the person that I love happy, who would ever want to have me again – who would ever want to choose me?

I can say I’m now only in love with our memories but not with you – I am done with that phase of my life, I am so much better now, and I will continue to do so, even without you. I know someday someone will reciprocate the love I give to everyone else.

And the same thing will also happen to you, so just be patient.

Go make yourself be happy – because you can never be happy again with me.


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