The Art Of Falling In Love Starts With Yourself

Love is such a complex thing, right? Perhaps that is the reason why some people are so afraid of falling in love. If you ask those who have been in love, they’ll tell you things unimaginable—all the things they did for the sake of the one they love.

According to some of my friends, they sacrificed things that mattered to them just to be with the one they deemed to love. Some told me they begged on their knees just for their loved one to stay by their side. Some even told me stories that they cried while waiting outside in the rain or while eating alone in the morning. The mere thought of losing their loved one crushed their hearts to the core. Being left alone will damage not only your heart but your mind and self-esteem.

You see, instances and scenarios like these might scare or give doubts to those who haven’t experienced real love yet. Stories of how relationships fall apart actually make others wary of indulging in one.

But on the contrary, I am confident to say that falling in love is actually a good thing – especially if you turn all your feelings, emotions, attention, and care to the most important person—yourself.

Sure, it’s a magical thing to love another, but isn’t it more amazing to fall in love with yourself?

The feeling when you finally know who you truly are, what you want and what you don’t, the things that make you smile or laugh, the littlest details that make your heart filled with joy, and to know what you really can’t live without—it’s ecstatic.

Having your own heart brim with self-love is a good start to finding the right kind of love that you deserve. After all, what other people say is true—you cannot give what you don’t have. And if you don’t love yourself, how can you expect yourself to love another?

The subtle art of falling in love with another person starts with falling in love with yourself first.

When you’re overflowing with love, it will emanate and be palpable in you. If you say yes to yourself and learn to have fun with your own company first, the positive and good vibes will project from your heart–you will become the center of your own universe and be the reason why the moon and stars look so bright amidst the darkness of the night. You will be your own knight in shining armor, and you will know how to save yourself from the chaos and trials that will come your way.

When you finally learn to love, accept, and respect yourself, you will know when to stay or walk away from circumstances or people that don’t serve you right.

Self-love isn’t being selfish at all—it’s what you need so that you can give and receive love in return. No matter if people reciprocate the intensity of the love you give or not, you will be okay—because you’d know you deserve better and won’t settle for less. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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