The Best Thing That 2018 Taught Us

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Have you ever felt like, with each passing year, time just seems to fly by faster than the previous one? It’s as if you enter a new year, then with a blink of an eye, you’re welcoming the next year again.

With this thought, you’d realize time is truly powerful – it doesn’t wait for anyone. It comes and goes, whether you want to stay in the moment for a few more hours or you want to get out of it in a matter of seconds.

Each year teaches us lessons that we’ll carry with us for the next years to come, and this year, 2018, I can safely say that it taught the value of hope to us.

There are wars everywhere, calamities, and personal issues that we sometimes just tend to hide.

Most people actually say that this is the depressed generation, too young to ‘adult’, too smart to feel inferior, and too haste in getting what they want.

We lost the value of patience, respect, and love along the way; we forgot that even before technology crept in and made our lives easier, previous generations fought and worked hard just to give everything we have at the present.

Being in the depressed generation isn’t easy. It’s like wanting to soar high but your wings aren’t fully formed yet, it’s like wanting to know and do everything all at once but not having the resources to live life to the fullest, and it’s like wanting to achieve all your dreams but not having the confidence that you actually can, because this generation also gives you a sea of competitors.

But one thing is for sure: 2018 taught us that this is not the end of the road yet, that there is hope for a better future.

2018 made you feel that slump because this was just your training ground. The next years will be your battlefield and not to mention the moment wherein you’ll win all your wars. 2018 was a year of constant what-ifs and questions because, in the next years, you will already be firm in your decisions.

2018 was utterly about yourself – knowing your deepest scars, knowing how people can make you happy, knowing how you can survive each day and surpass each day’s challenges, but most of all, knowing how you can be content in your own company.

We can say that 2018 taught us to be completely honest with ourselves, to what we’re feeling, to what we want to say, and to what we want to do.

And like I said, this isn’t the end of the road yet. You still have time to become better in the future and fulfill all your dreams in ways you know feasible.

Hence, don’t waste time in the present. Use it for your own good, and make sure to live in the moment. Time won’t run from you if you know how to value it appropriately. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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