Love Is The Best Thing That Can Ever Happen To You

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Have you ever wondered why love hurts? And when it does, it hurts so good – ironic, yes, but the thought of getting hurt because of the one you love the most seems like the pain you’ve experienced was all worth it.

Love, in its sense, is truly complex. You’ll never know that it already hit you until you find yourself smiling when you’re in the middle of doing something because you remembered that funny thing he said to you days ago; when you don’t ever get tired of hearing about how crazy his day went and you don’t interrupt and tell him yours was awesome, and when you think of the possible reasons as to why the universe is not doing its work and let you be together anytime soon before you sleep at night.

It’s crazy how someone can affect you in the most impossible ways – how their presence can make your day, how their smiles make you feel like everything’s going to be okay, and how talking to them can soothe your anxieties away.

Sometimes it’s scary – to have someone in your life obtain that overwhelming power over you, but somehow, it’s worth it; it’s good to know you have someone you’re afraid to lose, ever, and someone you’d like to take care of forever.

In this world full of insecurities, hate, deception, and lies, love, is the best thing that you can ever give someone; hence the best gift you’ll ever receive.

So, now, don’t wonder why love hurts so good because it doesn’t actually hurt at all – the disappointment, the misunderstandings, the fights, and the heartbreak do, but never the way you cared and loved that specific person in your life.

There’s no point regretting as well because, at one point in your life, it was what you wanted – it was everything you needed and you had it for a while, but, life just knew you deserved someone better that’s why the universe told you to let go. And you did let go not because the love was gone but because you knew something better was impending to happen to both of you – that the time you allotted for each other was over and the love you both yearned for and deserve is soon going to occur – from someone else.

Love is so precious, and we all deserve to have it.

Never be afraid to love or feel too much – consider it as your power because not everyone can be as showy and loving as you. You have this significant power to make someone feel they are worthy of all the love you give and somehow, that’s something no one else can take away from them. They feel valued. They feel relevant.

Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to get hurt as well because of loving, for these are the moments wherein you’d truly get to know yourself better and learn pertinent things from your experiences – and this knowledge will shape who you will become.

Just love – besides, having someone and letting someone feel they’re not alone, can be two of the most substantial things that can happen to anyone. TC mark

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