Does Happiness Really Always Mean Putting Yourself First?

Christopher Campbell / Unsplash

They say what you truly need in this world is happiness – smiles, laughter, and good memories.

But what if behind all these, there’s someone crying while seeing you happy? What if behind all these, there’s someone wanting to end his/her life seeing you smile widely?

Does happiness always equate to ‘living a full life’?

There are times when we do things out of sheer curiosity – most of the time because of temptation – because of the temporary ‘happiness’ that we feel coming from that ‘special’ someone that we care for.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to love – and so does when you want to achieve happiness. They say you only live once, so why not live your life the way you want it to, right?

But underneath all these, you must know that there comes a price for those who want to attain genuine happiness – and sometimes, it entails sacrifice.

Would you still consider it happiness if the one you love is in a relationship, but still wants to be in a relationship with you, too? Would you still consider it happiness if you know that there is someone getting hurt because you chose the latter?

Is prioritizing yourself always mean choosing happiness?

Can you really take the thought of hurting someone for the sake of our own welfare?

Isn’t life supposed to be about giving and not always taking?

Isn’t life more meaningful, if you are also mindful of your own actions and how it affects your environment, hence, your own universe?

Sometimes, you sacrifice things that are hard to let go, because you know it’s right and just, and because you know you deserve better than that – you deserve more than being a ‘temporary filler’ to make someone else happy or be the reason for others to feel lonely.

Perhaps, happiness is achieved when you know you’re not hurting anyone – may it be intentionally or not. Perhaps, it’s being assured that you’re not receiving fake smiles, fake feelings, fake memories or even fake love. Perhaps happiness is the acceptance of the reality of life you have at the present, being content with it, and waiting for the perfect time when God will give all the desires of your heart. TC mark

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