You Deserve Better Than Someone Who Sends You Mixed Signals

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Isn’t it nice to find someone who understands you, someone who knows how to listen to all that’s going on in your head, and someone who never judges you but take time to comprehend why you’re hurt, happy, or sad?

Isn’t it wonderful to finally feel you belong to someone – to finally rest your heart and pour all your love and attention to that special person and to finally know that you are not alone in this vast universe?

Does it feel good to get hold of the world in the palm of your hands, when yours and his intertwine and care less about the past hurts that you have left behind?

Does it feel comforting to know that you are not as unlovable as you think you are because all your previous relationships gave you nothing but pain and a mindset that you will never find someone who can match the intensity of the love that you try to give your loved ones?

Yes, it’s nice and wonderful.

Yes, it feels good and comforting.

But what if it one day it all changes? What if one day he starts giving you mixed signals because he realizes he’s not ready, or he has issues that he needs to solve on his own, or maybe because both your intensity in love aren’t paralleled enough?

People take relationships for granted these days; we have lost the true meaning of love. Alongside the fast-paced world we live in, is the desire to take relationships as fast as well; thinking if we are treated as special and we feel comfortable hanging out with someone, that can already be considered a ‘relationship.’

In all honesty, some people don’t find it hard to fake emotions or to fake feelings. This is the reason why ‘false hopes’ exist. Some people are masters of fabricating lies because they do everything to get what they want, not minding if they’ll be hurting others because of their fictitious acts. And on the other hand, some people get fooled because they trust so easily, they don’t think for a second that others would hurt them intentionally.

Some people are so good in treating you special while not letting you know that you’re just one of their collections or choices that they need to weigh, before finally settling to that person they ‘want to be with.’ Some people are so good with their words – poetic, lyrical, whimsical – but contrived, feigned, and devised. Some people are so good at faking love and leave you with your knees on the ground after you’ve fallen into their traps.

It’s tiring to be hurt over and over, it’s exhausting to get betrayed by people you trust the most – it’s time to realize that game time is over, now is the moment you learn to prioritize yourself.

No, it’s not wrong to desire the love that you want but what’s wrong is to let yourself feel the pain most of the time. You don’t deserve someone who comes to you when it’s convenient and leaves you after when they’ve found someone better.

You deserve more than just “Netflix and chill” – you deserve to be taken out on dates. You deserve to be treated like a prince or a princess because you deserve a love story that will end in “happily ever after.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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