To The Woman Who Will Get A Happily Ever After With Him

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To his future girl,

I have no idea what he will see in you – but one thing’s for sure, it’s something that he did not see in me.

Don’t worry; this is not a hate mail but rather a warning – I’m warning you now, because I know you’ll fall deeply and madly in love with him, too.

He likes the stars – that was how we fell in love. He told me I was the moon and he was a star, silently guiding and protecting me even when he knows I can stand on my own. Yes, he’s the type of person who lets you do things that he knows will let you grow – he doesn’t seclude nor confine you with the idea of “He’s the boss”. He will trust you wholeheartedly and have faith that you will succeed, in any path that you choose. He’ll just be there to cheer for you and help you with your decisions, but he will never be the reason to hinder your growth.

He is not a morning person – he prefers sleep more than anything in this world. He likes to have coffee, first thing in the morning and he also needs to exercise or else his day won’t be complete. But it all changed when he met me – and of course, I know he’d do the same to you. When waking up, you’ll be welcomed by his radiant smile and warm embrace, the coffee will already be set on the table, and he’ll ask you to run or take a walk outside with him; if you don’t want to, he’ll just stay indoors and perform his needed workout. This only shows how he can adjust his routine just to let you know he prioritizes you above all the other things that also matter to him.

He’s a true gentleman – he knows when he is right and when he is wrong. He knows when to apologize and he can put his ego aside just to understand and comprehend what is making you mad – petty or not, he will carry you in his arms and let you rant all the things you want to say; he’ll let you finish and bring you a cup of hot Choco afterward. He said this is where men go wrong most of the time – when they don’t let their woman explain all that is bothering her and offer solutions or careful opinions to calm her down. When you are already together, there will be no irrelevant fights because he’s a very wise man – he’s compassionate, empathetic, and he loves you so much and he will never let something so inconsequential to ruin your mood, hence, your relationship.

And last, he’s loyal and true – I never got jealous when we were together because he never wanted me to feel even a bit of it.

You – you’re so lucky to have him right now because I know when he’s truly in love; I know how he will care for you from today up to the years to come.

If you ask me what happened, what went wrong, and why did our relationship fail – I cannot give you a concrete answer because even me cannot fathom how we came to an end.

And maybe, just maybe – the one thing that he saw in you but never did with me is your future together.

He loved me at some time in our lives but that was it – I was just a character included in his book, in his story, but I wasn’t meant to be at the last chapter; the part where it says:

“and they lived happily ever after.”

So to you, I hope you take care of him in ways I could’ve done, but can never do anymore. Please make him happy, the way I never did before.


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