To The Girl Who Lost The Will To Trust

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Larm Rmah / Unsplash

You may have said ‘Yes’ a lot of times already. You may have given chances away more than people deserved. You may have opened doors meant for only a few, but opened to many. You may not have seen what was really inside the hearts of the people you met and you may be thinking if you were just too good or too naïve, to be deceived by people you thought were true.

Trusting was easy for you because you assumed people will never betray you. You often believed the good in people. You never think badly about them. You were just an innocent, affectionate girl, who had no idea how cruel this world can get.

But at some point, some people ruined your trust; again and again and again. They broke it, shattered it, and stepped on your delicate trust.

This turned your heart cold. This made you a doubter, a pessimist. This built your guards higher – so high that no one can ever get past it.

Now, you think everyone will eventually turn into a traitor. You now dig and seek for their true intentions. You question them for coming in your life and you expect them to deceive you soon enough.

You no longer believe that there is still ‘good’ in people. In your eyes, they are now all the same: traitors.

It will be hard for you to trust again, after all the things you’ve been through.

But it will only take one person to put all the broken pieces together, the same way the first person who broke your trust shattered it in dreadful ways possible. That person will make you see the beauty of the world and the good in people one more time.

Learn to wait. Learn to be patient.

Only time will heal your tired heart.

Only the rightful person can help you during the process.

It’s okay if it’s not too soon.

Slowly mend your broken heart, until you learn to trust again. TC mark

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