No Matter How Much It Hurts Us, We Will Never Give Up On Love

No Matter How Much It Hurts Us, We Will Never Give Up On Love
Jonas Weckschmied

No matter how many times our hearts break,

how many nights we stay up late and cry,

how many cuts we make to hurt ourselves,

how much liquor and packs of cigarettes we take,

how long we need to move on from a heartbreak,

how numb we get each time our hearts ache,

how dumb we may be, and get fooled over and over,

how worthless we think we may be, and get replaced to someone better,

and no matter how many times we are forced to get out of someone’s life.

Still, we’ll do it again. We’ll love all over again.

We’ll never get tired of loving. We’ll never get tired from feeling the pain and suffering.

We’ll never get tired of trying and we’ll continue searching for “the one” and our “soulmate,” no matter how long it takes, no matter how painful the journey may be.

Because in the end, we’re just lonely humans; longing and seeking for care and love. Hoping one day, someone could fill the voids in our hearts and make us feel whole. Praying for the day our searching comes to a halt, and finally be with the person who can never make us feel we’re alone. TC mark


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