I Want You To Kiss Me Again

Unsplash / Alex Sheldon

Let me leave you in the fire, I promise you won’t feel a thing.

I’ll put us out, wearing white gloves,
I’ll extinguish the impression of my bare knees,
ashes may stain
my latex fingers,
but I promise you won’t feel a thing.

A flame curls, it flits down the fleece of my neck,
it does not scorch the skin,
it does not leave a mark — numb —
we have felt the magnitude of love’s blaze.

I stare at your spine.
your spine is my morning,
your hands are my night,
and the light in the bedroom
shifts between shades

Black and blue
and then there’s grey.

When was the last time you kissed me?

Let’s try one more time,
singed lips will freeze.
gelid for a moment,
this is how I imagined us to be.

Kiss me.

I promise,
you won’t feel a thing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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