New York First State In America To Sign A Gun Control Bill Into Law, Post-Sandy Hook


While New York’s lawmakers are notorious for lollygagging, they’re the first state in America to pass anti-gun legislation since the tragedy in Sandy Hook occurred last month.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s bill puts limitations on acquiring assault rifles and attempts to prevent the mentally ill from acquiring firearms. The details, according to NYMag, are as follows: Rifles with at least one assault-weapon feature, like the AR-15 used in Newtown, will be prohibited; magazines max out at seven rounds; and background checks are required even in private sales of assault weapons. Additional mental-health restrictions are also included.

After a lot of inaction in the wake of Sandy Hook (and the several mass shootings that have followed), these new restrictions are a small step in a positive direction — taking precautions while “…protecting the Second Amendment,” in the words of Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos. One can hope that the rest of the union follows suit sometime this decade. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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