This Is How Your Mental Health Can Affect Your Ability To Know What You Want

Casper Nichols

Itโ€™s starting a fight in the morning. Not wanting to continue them in the evening.

Itโ€™s wanting to be alone without the sacrifice of being lonely.

Itโ€™s wanting them to call. But not wanting to answer.

Itโ€™s reaching for the warmth in the cold. But feeling guilty whilst wearing the coat they own.

Itโ€™s wanting you to ask if Iโ€™m okay but not wanting to speak.

Itโ€™s wanting to push you away, but seeing you every day last week.

Itโ€™s wanting to fight back without getting angry at me.

Its wanting space whilst I watch you fight for me.

Its wanting flowers and a kiss goodnight, but when you come around, I canโ€™t take the attention anymore.

I am sorry, I know Iโ€™m hard to love, but I love you, is that enough? TC mark


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