This Is How Your Mental Health Can Affect Your Ability To Know What You Want

Casper Nichols

It’s starting a fight in the morning. Not wanting to continue them in the evening.

It’s wanting to be alone without the sacrifice of being lonely.

It’s wanting them to call. But not wanting to answer.

It’s reaching for the warmth in the cold. But feeling guilty whilst wearing the coat they own.

It’s wanting you to ask if I’m okay but not wanting to speak.

It’s wanting to push you away, but seeing you every day last week.

It’s wanting to fight back without getting angry at me.

Its wanting space whilst I watch you fight for me.

Its wanting flowers and a kiss goodnight, but when you come around, I can’t take the attention anymore.

I am sorry, I know I’m hard to love, but I love you, is that enough? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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