Someone Tried To Put A Weight Limit On Rompers And These Women Clapped Back On Twitter

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On Tuesday morning, this tweet from @KingJerod_ made its way into the Twitterverse:

The tweet first came to my attention after I saw several of my friends liking a retweet, which quoted this fallacious statement:

I immediately smashed the like button on this retweet, which, as you can see, got exponentially more retweets and likes than the original one. This led me to explore how people were reacting to the original statement, and what I found was beautiful.

Women and men of all shapes and sizes were banding together to display their beautiful bodies in some of the most gorgeous rompers I’ve ever feasted my eyes on.

And yet, the trolling continued…

But so did the fierce lionesses, in full force.

And instead of tearing each other down, they started lifting each other up.

Not to mention they continued to give me awesome recommendations on where to buy these exquisite rompers they were sporting.

And let’s just take a few more moments to admire these babes and the uplifting messages that followed their postings.

So a couple lessons learned from this thread…

1) Weight looks different on everyone.

2) All shapes and sizes are beautiful.

3) Body positive messages are always more popular than negative ones.

4) Don’t let anyone ever tell you what you can and cannot wear on your body. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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