Men Build Emotional Walls After Heartbreak Too, Here’s Why

Chris Benson

Women are right Men are emotional train wrecks. There you go I said it. We tend to put up walls in our life in order to protect our emotions. But, these emotional walls don’t spring up out of thin air. They are a result of countless heart breaks that have left us lost in life.

The initial heartbreak

We all have had “the one” in some form or another slip by in life. It could have either been a result of a bad break up, the one that got away, or the old high school sweet heart we never go over. But the thing is we all have had somebody slip away. That pain is shared experience that most men have felt. This pain is something you will carry with you for the rest of your life. So instead of sitting in sorrow, embrace the pain and make it an experience that makes you stronger.

The walls

After being hurt countless times in life, you develop a natural instinct to put up walls. These emotional walls are only a temporary fix. They are there to ease your heart, and prevent you from ever feeling that pain again. After enough heart breaks, you end up saying “screw it”. This leads to something I called ‘BAS’ our Be a Savage. Enough is enough is enough you no longer want to fall in love again and get hurt, thus you become what this generation calls a ‘fuck boy’. But, at the end of the day you’re not getting anywhere serious with that attitude so drop the act and grow up.


By embracing the suck and making it apart of your identity eventually you will grow. By understanding your past, it creates a foundation for you to grow. So become that ‘safe’ individual she feels comfortable around. When you establish that foundation, you have created a location when a solid and strong relationship can blossom from.


By changing and becoming a better you; you’ve created the opportunity for something good. Thus, don’t be a savage, and stop being the ‘fuck boy’ instead become a man, a reliable and firm foundation for a serious relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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