5 Reasons To Own A Cat


A lot of people don’t like cats, the main arguments being that cats are unloving and they lack personalities. Well, cat haters, here are five solid reasons for owning a cat that will make you question all you ever knew about them. They were worshipped in Egypt for a reason!

1. They’re entertaining. Cats can make a game out of anything, whether it’s an actual game or your life. Yes, they will fervently chase after toy mice dressed like cops and jump from couch to couch like they’re starring in Dante’s Peak. But they’ll also wake you up by slowly pushing your glass of water until it falls off the nightstand onto your ankle. And they will run full-speed up a tree and bounce back un-phased after falling on your head and making you eat pavement. They’re unpredictable animals and at least half of your best stories will involve them.

2. They’re sassy. Cats won’t take shit from anybody. You will always know when they’re unhappy with you. They will stare at you and pee outside the litter box (when you’re kind and dumb enough to let them free range on a road trip) to let you know just how much they hate the car. And they will punish you for focusing on other people by taking a dump when you’re eating dinner.

3. They’re independent. The more you try to spend time with them, the more they keep their distance. Cats don’t have time for your neediness. They can take care of themselves and wish you could do the same. I mean, they can hunt for their food and find their own water (in the toilet). How many people can say that? And if that isn’t enough, they also don’t require exercise. They can get their own!
Not to say that they can’t be walked! Cats can be taught some pretty rad tricks. Mine plays fetch and my friend’s goes hiking in a harness. Who said cats are boring? They’re fast learners and very intelligent – I mean they don’t trust just anyone. You need to work to earn their affection.

4. Once you do, however, they’re loving and loyal. They will even try to feed you. Mice, shrews, bugs, anything living, really. They’re considerate enough to mix it up so you don’t get bored. And they’re sneaky enough to leave your presents in the places where you least expect to find them. Sometime, cats will even wait for you. They will sit in the window and yowl at you until they can wrap their bodies around your legs and trip you. They will sleep next to you, and sometimes when it’s cold, they might spoon with you under the covers. But don’t expect it all the time. How else would they keep you whipped?

5. Cats really are similar to dogs. They have a lot to offer if you take the time to show them the love they deserve. And they will always keep you on your toes. So if your friends don’t have the heart to call you out on your shit, your trusted pal will always step up to the plate. Who’s a better friend? TC Mark

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