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The Truth About The Girl That Acts Like She Doesn’t Care

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Unsplash, Tamara Bellis
Unsplash, Tamara Bellis

Let me let you in on a little secret. She cares. She cares a lot. She cares a painfully ridiculous amount. She probably cares more than you deserve. She just doesn’t let it show.


Because that would make her vulnerable to you. That would put every feeling and emotion out on the table for the world to see. It scares her to know that at any moment, she might be the only one caring. She might be the only one with feelings and emotions.

So instead, she acts like she doesn’t care. She never lets her feelings show.

Where does that leave you? Should you question what she says? Is she sincerely being nice? Does she secretly want to be with you? Does she even like you? Does she even care? All valid questions that you may never know the answer to.

The problem with the girl that doesn’t care is that she’s fine on her own. She supports herself, she comforts herself, and she can take care of herself. She’s so used to being by herself that she can’t help but stay that way, even when she’s not alone.

It’s hard for her to let you in, because everyone else has always left. She’s adjusted to “goodbye” and “we tried.”

She knows what it’s like to love harder and fall harder and land harder, because no one was ever there to catch her. She knows what it’s like to be the only one trying, the only one caring.

She’s good on her own, and nothing you say or do will change that. You can tell her a thousand times that you care about her, you’re there for her, even that you need her. None of those things matter. She won’t ever believe it.

Take it from the girl who doesn’t care. She really does.

She values your presence, your opinions. She values you one hundred percent. She wishes she could do more to show it, but that’s not who she is.

You’ll catch a glimpse of it on rare occasions. It won’t necessarily last long, but when it’s there, you’ll know. Don’t take it personally when it goes away. Don’t think that just because it’s gone away, she’s stopped caring.

She’ll always care, even long after you stop. TC mark

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