5 Things Most Women Won’t Be Completely Honest About

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You know what they say… “A lady never kiss and tells”. Pfffft! Well, believe me, you don’t even know the HALF!!!! When it comes to keeping secrets, women by FAR are the reigning champs and put “Victoria” to utter shame. Believe it or not, women are extremely proud individuals, especially when it comes to their personal and professional image. For women, it’s important that their name and reputation appears a certain way to the general public for surface value and many women pride themselves in it. Now there’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your image, but for women, it’s not only about pride, but also a fear of being judged.

I asked 100 women about the secrets they keep from men and through them I was able to gather a general consensus. The 5 things most women won’t be completely honest about are:

1. How much money she makes.

Reason: Let’s be honest. The vast majority of women are making more money than their significant other. While she prides herself on being independent, she doesn’t want to make her significant other feel insignificant by revealing her financial status. At the same token, she also doesn’t she want to be targeted because of her money, and most importantly, she loves the idea of having her own money and not having to discuss or divide what she’s worked so hard to build.

2. Her male friends romantic interest in her.

Reason: Women love attention, and male friends are always available to give that attention. Many women will be reluctant to admit that her male friend was, is and always will be romantically interested in her because she fears her current partner will demand that she end the friendship with the male friend, who serves as her backup (if the relationship doesn’t work out). To prevent this, she reassures her partner that he is strictly platonic so that he doesn’t suspect the true nature of their relationship.

3. How many men she’s slept with.

Reason: Women want to be able to express themselves sexually just as freely as anyone else (without being judged). Most men can’t accept the fact that women are sexual by nature just like men are, and have a sexual past just like men do. When you add up all the sexual relationships with men from church, the gym, high school, undergrad, graduate school, internships, the workplace, the neighborhood, conferences, vacations, one night stands, trains, other woman’s boyfriends/husbands, online dating, and tasteless flings, and the list goes ON and ON, it just doesn’t sit well with a man, and a woman doesn’t want to be disqualified simply because she chose to explore her body and the bodies of many MANY others. Nor does she want to explain why she slept with so many men and under which circumstances prior to marriage in the first place.

4. Cheating.

Reason: Women are typically put on a pedestal that leaves little to no room for them to make mistakes. When it comes to men cheating, the men usually expect to be forgiven right away, however if/when a woman cheats, the man is quick to leave without any possibility of reconciliation. When a woman cheats, she’s cast out as if she had just committed a murder, and some may be at risk of BEING murdered. There’s a fear of never being forgiven, never being trusted, and being viewed as less valuable if the truth is revealed. What’s worth mentioning is that a woman is more likely to cheat if she is unhappy, and not in a position to leave the relationship.

5. Her sexual encounter with a woman.

Reason: It’s no surprise that women sometimes turn to other women to satisfy a need. Women pay more attention to detail, they’re more loving and caring, they’re extremely patient and that can be extremely attractive to any gender. Many women have experienced kissing another woman, touching another woman, and even engaging in sexual activity with a woman… and most of all, she liked it. She keeps this a secret because she doesn’t want to raise doubt or concern with her partner, especially if the curiosity has already been fulfilled. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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