How To Be A Little Sister

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Although you and your sister may be different in so many aspects of life, you have a bond that is indescribable. This is a person that will be in your life forever. When they talk, you listen no matter what the subject is. Even if you don’t understand a word they are saying, or you don’t particularly care about what they are saying, you love them for whoever they are.

Being a little sister can be tough at times. You always feel the need to live up to your sibling’s achievements. But what you don’t realize is that they probably feel the same way. Being a little sister means being there when they come home drunk in high school and helping them hide it from your parents. It means visiting them in college and getting an alcohol violation at the age of 14. It means listening to their mistakes and trying not to make the same ones. It means having someone to guide you through the rough patches with wisdom from their own experiences in life.

Having an older sibling is wonderful. They can teach you all kinds of things, from how to hide liquor from your parents, to how to flirt with boys. They can teach you that some people won’t last in your life and that’s okay because you will find others. They can teach you how to live as the person you’ve always wanted to be.

My sister and I are four years apart, and while she is older, I am often mistaken for the elder sibling. She still wears t-shirts with cartoons on them, and asks me how to do her makeup, while I have been wearing dresses and heels and doing full makeup for years. The thing that people don’t see, which I believe to be the most important part of having an older sister, is that she is the only one I can talk to about life. She is the only person I can ask stupid questions to and while she’ll probably laugh, it’s all out of love. As the younger sibling, I look up to her. I follow the example she has set for me and make goals for myself to hopefully become as remarkably talented and kind of a person as her.

Being the little sister means that, while I know she likes the goofy way she dresses, telling her she can’t leave the house in that Star Wars t-shirt for a date. It means when she cries over a relationship, being there just to hug her, even if we are not saying a word. It means being someone who can appreciate how much they take care of you and returning the favor when the time comes. The proof of how strong this bond is? When she came out to me as a bi-sexual, my response included I don’t care I love you either way. That is what being a little sister is.

Being a little sister means having someone who is always there for you. It means speaking in inside jokes that no one else would understand. It means being able to show up at her house at any moment in time, just because. It means buying each other weird birthday presents that would be cruel to anyone else, but you love that she knows how mean you truly are. It means always having someone that can go from a joke to a serious conversation in a matter of seconds. It means never being alone in the world even when you feel like you have no one. It means having a life long best friend that truly understands who you are and won’t judge you for it. It means always having someone with the words of wisdom you need at the right moment. Being a little sister means you’ve found your person in the world and everything will be okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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