6 Absurd Misconceptions People Have About Filipinas Dating White Men

1. We Filipinas are only after the all-powerful White Man passport.

Education plays a vital role in the Philippines. Having a degree is considered “wealth” here. So we Filipinas are well-educated. And because English is considered as our second national language, we aren’t scared to go outside of our familiar territory and use it. We’re confident that we can make it out there.

If we want to go abroad, we’ll find a way to do it and do it ourselves. We’re resourceful and we’ll do whatever we have to reach our dreams. So no, we don’t need the White men’s passport just to get us out of where we are.

2. We Filipinas are only after White Men’s money.

We value our dignity so much. As a country dominated by Catholicism, we were brought up to be timid, devoted, affectionate and adoring of the men in our lives. Decent Filipinas value their relationships over material things.

Yes, there are some Filipinas — like any other women from developing nations — who have flipped the coin and turned their backs, thinking that a western white man will be the answer to all of their material needs. But you’ll be surprised to know that the vast majority of us hold good morals and manners, we have higher standards taught to us in church.

We would rather work hard to earn money, putting in our sweat and blood, than take the easy way out.

3. White men like us because we’re submissive and don’t speak up for ourselves.

We Filipinas come from a unique background. Our Catholic upbringing taught us to be respectful, courteous and polite to our elders and bosses, our professors and teachers, and most especially to our husbands or partners.

If we don’t speak up, it doesn’t mean that we’re being submissive. We just choose to respect you because we value you. We aren’t the argumentative type, but we do know when we’re being taken advantage of. And that’s when you’ll learn that we Filipinas know how to stand our ground.

4. We’re ‘sexotic’ femme fatale and easy to date.

As Filipinas, we believe purity is important and chastity is one of the most valuable traits a girl can have. In the Philippines, some parents still don’t allow their daughters to have a boyfriend until she turns 18 or finishes college. The Catholic Church still doesn’t support sex before marriage. And in some parts of the countryside, “courtship” still exists – the boy needs to impress the parents first before he’s allowed to date the girl.

So yes, Filipinas are very reserved and demure, but we aren’t easy to get. Believe it or not, most Filipinas stay virgins well into their 20s.

5. White men marry Filipinas because they need a ‘slave.’

In the Philippines, we have very strong family ties. Filipinas are well-known for being hospitable and caring. So if you get the chance to date one of us, be prepared to be loved, looked after, cherished and cared for more than you think you deserve. Not only will you see a Filipina serving her family and her partner well, but you’ll also see us in Nursing homes, Care Homes and Hospitals.

We’re not slaves. We’re just willing to serve and put our families first before ourselves. Ask the average Filipina what her dream is, she’ll tell you she wants a simple life and a happy family.

6. We Filipinas are desperate and only hook up with creepy old White Men.

This is an old folk’s tale. The world has evolved so much and if you take a good look around, you’ll see Filipina women with white men, plus many other races dating someone outside of their own. Everyone has the right to date whoever they want.

Filipina women who date older white men do so because they have the right to do it. Just like any other relationship, a Filipina woman looks to her partner as a mature, wise and stable person who will help her achieve a complete and happy family. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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