Stop Stressing And Just Leave It To God

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Life can get pretty overwhelming. With the amount of stress that we are exposed to every day, we almost feel like giving up. We feel like our everyday routine makes us sick or we feel like it doesn’t make us grow as a person. We tend to always focus on the things that affect us in a negative way and on things that we lack rather than being grateful for whatever God has blessed us with. We tend to always complain instead of looking at the situation in a positive perspective.

We have a choice whether to stress about a certain situation or just let it go and let God handle the situation.

And if you can’t change the situation, don’t waste your precious time stressing about it, because trust me, in the end, everything will fall into its perfect place. And if ever you’re stressing out on things that didn’t go well as you would want them to be, I want you to know that we have a God that can make greater things happen beyond what you can ever comprehend. It may not be what you hoped for, but it is what’s best for you.

It’s where God wants you to be.

He is faithful and He won’t let you wander away from where you’re supposed to be.

It’s normal to have storms in life, but it’s also important how we respond to them. They should make us, and not break us. I guess we experience trials because if not with them, we would not know what genuine happiness is like. Because for us humans, it is in our nature to take things for granted. Like, if everything is going well, we would forget to be thankful. But with trials, they actually humble us and make us realize that things may not go the way you want them to, but it’s just because everything is already planned out for you. In that way, it leads us closer to our Creator and that’s the beauty of it.

Life would be so much better if we just take everything lightly and not worry. After all, worrying doesn’t make the situation better.

Sometimes it’s better to just go with the flow and let life take its course.

We actually have a choice whether to be happy or to keep clinging on to things that are crushing our spirits.

I hope you are wise enough to choose. TC mark

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