My Life Isn’t The Same Since You Left (It’s Actually So Much Better)

My Life Isn't The Same Since You Left (It's Actually So Much Better)

My world was completely shattered when you left me. It felt like the odds were against me. It was like you knocking me down and me thinking that I will not be able to rise back up again. I didn’t know what it was going to be like, to be without you.

Moving on is never a piece of cake. It takes a lot of time, courage, and effort to do it. The key to moving on is acceptance, which is probably the hardest but the most important thing to do. You have to accept that the person you used to share everything with is not part of your life anymore. He will not be there to listen when you have something exciting to share or when you want to tell him how bad your day went. You have to accept that you are not meant for each other. You have to accept that the person you planned your future with is not yours to keep anymore.

After days of endless crying, weeks of blaming myself, and months of wishing I could have done better, everything finally made sense. I have finally freed myself from everything that was holding me back from moving on. I was wrong all along to think that I wouldn’t be able to survive whatever life throws at me without you by my side. I have finally realized that I am totally fine without you. I have finally accepted that I don’t need you to complete me. I have finally opened my eyes that it is okay to walk away and forget someone whom you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with.

And most importantly, I have finally unattached myself to you.

I no longer ache for your presence. I no longer yearn for your voice to sing me to sleep. I no longer hope for the possibility of us getting back together. I no longer wish it’s you every time my phone blows up. I no longer waste my precious tears on thoughts of you. I no longer care about you. I no longer miss you. I no longer want you.

I want to thank you for making me realize that I deserve to be loved more than the kind of love you were giving me. Thank you for making me stronger as a person. Thank you for letting me understand that it is not easy but it’s not going to be easier if I keep clinging on to what we had, no matter how beautiful it was. Thank you for reminding me that people come and go, but life goes on.

I used to always say, “Life wouldn’t be the same without you.” Now that we’re not together anymore, I can still say it sincerely but the thought would be contrary to what it really means. Life isn’t the same, because without you, it is so much better.

And now I can finally say, I am no longer about you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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