5 Processes That You Go Through When Making Decisions

Everything that had happened in our lives came with an important decision. This decision enabled us to be where we are right now.

Decisions are never easy especially when it involves radical changes in person’s life. The process of arriving at a certain conclusion or decision has been said to be nerve wrecking and mentally/emotionally consuming. But why are we so afraid of making decisions? What’s the big deal; it’s a normal everyday activity of each human being in this planet. So why are we having a hard time making decisions in our lives?

1. Risk

We often here the lines “take a chance or take the risk”. This word, this abstract concept of risk eventually turns into something concrete. But always remember, the greater the risk, the greater the possibility of events to turn out in a different way. Then again, life is bitch so deal with it.

2. Confusion

Why do have to make a decision in the first place? Naturally, because there are two or more things/situations we are considering. Without these, there would be no decision to make. The more confused we are, the more we value each element in this decision making process.

3. Comfort

Admit it, no one wants to be uncomfortable. No one intentionally wants to leave their comfort zone. It wouldn’t be called “comfort” for no reason, but then again, comfort may sometimes lead to more questions that would be left unanswered.

4. Consequences

Everything that we decide on in life has consequences involved. These consequences may directly or indirectly affect us in various ways. These consequences may also be a factor for deciding on something which we are uncomfortable with but would lead to the greater good of those involved.

5. Progress

Choosing to decide on something leads to a step forward in life. With every decision we make is a step towards maturity and how we deal with things.

In the end, every decision may cause numerous regrets and uncertainties. We may not see or experience its advantages immediately, but in the long run, these decisions were considered for a reason. So whatever you are deciding on right now, may in the relative to a career opportunity, relationship, travel, finance, family or studies; always remember that what will be decided on is for the greater good. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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