10 Things You Should Never Expect

1. Never expect to wake up on the right side of the bed.

Every night we go to bed wishing the next day will go the way we want it. But our days never turn out exactly as we want them. Changes in plans, unmet deadlines, unavoidable circumstances, and even our own laziness can contribute to this.

2. Never expect to get the grades you want.

No matter how hard you study or how perfect your attendance is, there will always be a time when you don’t think you deserve the grade you got. Let’s accept the fact that life’s a bitch, and will throw you lemons. Move on. They’re just grades and they can only have an impact on your life for, give or take, 5 years.

3. Never expect to get what you want at your first job.

Your first job is your initiation to the real world. It’s where ideals and expectations are butchered, making you feel like everything you learned in college was a joke. Some advice: observe and get ready to be assimilated into the system, but never ever let go of your beliefs.

4. Never expect to someone to call you back.

Most of the time, whenever you need something from another person, they’re aren’t, by default, going to be ready to give you what you need. Make things happen on your own; rely on yourself before you rely on others.

5. Never expect all your friends to still be your friends in 10 years.

Some friendships start in the most complex ways possible, while some start out in very trivial ways. The friendships built on the sturdiest foundations stand the test of time. But not all friendships have a sturdy foundation, and not all your friends will see you through your angsty teenage years. Look on the bright side, you’ll see that the true friends you have left are the ones who know you best.

6. Never expect your parents to understand you.

All of us at one point in our lives would have this dramatic moment of ‘you don’t understand me’ stage that often ends up in humiliation. Luckily, we get through that stage and begin to understand that our parents were only thinking what was best for us. Still, no matter what happens, we encounter things in our lives that our parents wouldn’t understand. It’s not because we were trying to defy them like we used to, but it’s more of the emotional aspect of the situation which they would never ever feel. However, let’s give our parents the credit, they still keep trying and sometimes they succeed in understanding. The truth is, knowing that they’re always there for us is enough. We’ll always love them no matter what.

7. Never expect the whole world to understand you.

Everybody has their own share of challenges in life. No one will ever understand the situation no matter how hard we try to explain. It will always be up to you to understand yourself, your problem, your situation and you are the only one who can get yourself out of the mess you got yourself into. Never fret, all of us are struggling and all of us will never understand each other perfectly.

8. Never expect to get what you want.

Again, life would be too easy if we all got what we wanted in life. There is this constant need to spice up our lives especially if it gets too boring. Not getting what we want is the best way to make life as mysterious as possible so that we would yearn to live every day in the most meaningful as we can.

9. Never expect your life plans to go the way you want it to be.

Why do we ever have to make plans all the time when we know that they wouldn’t go the way we want it to? Admit it, planning gives you a clearer picture of what you want to achieve, it gives you a direction and a goal even if we know that all of our plans wouldn’t be fulfilled. Making plans make life exciting and annoying at the same time and it’s what keeps us going and organized.

10. Never expect the unexpected.

The saying ‘Expect the unexpected’ just gives us false hope. We still expect that something (which is the unexpected) will happen. What if nothing really happens, then you’d feel disappointed because there wasn’t anything expected or unexpected that happened. I say let’s just give up all the expectations and not even give the unexpected things a chance. Live life everyday like a blank slate ready to acquire all that there is and from there, be able to build all the life lessons we can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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