To Love You Is To Let You Go

George Gvasalia

We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason. Reasons to build us up or to break us down. People may come and go. Some would stay long, others would stay not longer than we’ve imagined but we learn something from everyone who passes through our lives. Some lessons are painful, some are painless but, all are priceless. Every struggle arises for a reason for experience or a lesson.

My journey with you is one of a kind. A life with full of happiness, tearful experiences, unmeasurable fights, and priceless moments which cannot be sold, bought or forgotten. We’ve been through ups and downs. It’s been a great journey and it is never easy, and no dose of adversity along the way is ever a waste of time because we learn and grow from it. Until such time our paradise becomes toxic so do our relationship. You want me out of your life. I ask you what’s wrong but you never explain anything. You left me hanging with out explanation. I reach out to you so many times but you put all my efforts in vain. It hurt me even more when I found out that you’re cheating on me when we were still together that’s why you’re so cold and you block every possible way I can reach you.

It definitely hurt me but I tried to fake it and endure the pain you’ve caused to help me keep going. Yes I’m devastated and depressed but still manage to get back. In need to live a happier and more peaceful life; I need to do this, not because of you but for myself. I am not saying that life with you was just all disgrace, drawbacks, and troubles; with you, it was a combination of ups and downs but never giving up, an incredible and unstoppable mess I enjoyed creating, a rollercoaster ride that made my heart pound, an exciting journey I would never mind getting lost, and an adventure I will always miss.

All the tears we wept and problems we faced, they were bridges to something more extravagant, and I truly believe in that. All the stories we made, wishes that we once clung to, plans that were thoroughly laid out, and good memories we collected, shared and treasured, they were lovely things that will always be in our past.They are pieces of us that no one can ever take away. We were tandems you and I, but this time it’s different, it’s going to be just you and just me. But choosing to end things with you and putting myself first doesn’t mean that I’ll stop loving you. Because in the back of my mind, you’re still there, a space in my heart that will forever be occupied by your existence. You left a mark on me that no one could ever replace. No matter how much it hurts now, someday this pain will help us look back and realize our struggles that changed our life for the better.

Life is about moving forward, accepting changes in time and people, looking forward to what makes you’re stronger, better and more complete. It is a compromise of what your ego wants to do, what experience tells you to do, and what your nerves let you do. It makes us tough and inculcates fighting quality. It shapes us as a person of strong will power and prepares us to take hard times in our stride without fear and with confidence. Despite everything, I forgive you and I’m still thankful and grateful because I was given the chance to know you and experience how great you truly are as a person. This feelings I felt for you will always remain in my heart. I’ll be leaving for good. Thanks for giving me this memorable experience with you and for teaching me what love truly is. Love is not all about getting everything you want, sometimes it involves letting go of something you love. I’m now letting you go even if it is the hardest thing to do but that doesn’t mean I stop loving you.

I love you and I will always love you. Remember always that you own a space in my heart. Until we meet again in the after life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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