All The Things I Will Never Understand

Valeria Boltneva
Stocksnap / Valeria Boltneva

i will never understand why i felt the hurt of burnt the time my fingertips accidentally collided with fire, when the pain suddenly disappeared like nothing happened. i will never understand why the rain falls down on the most unexpected ways and then stop, leaving us with little droplets, like it does it on purpose to let the world know of its previous effect. i will never understand the sun going down even though every living organism underneath still savor its heat and light. i will never understand why a wind breeze lingers on our skin, then vanishes almost immediately. i will never understand the smoke of cigarette disappearing upwards to thin air after it causes its poisonous harm. i will never understand the waves immediately leaving the shore just after it spread its presence to the dry sand. but you seem to understand these things, since you let me enjoy your presence, not stopping me when i became dependent on you, then leaving without any trace of your existence except for the memories you left that brings happiness to me in the past, but now only makes me question everything you did. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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