They Never Told Me How To Stop Getting Addicted To You

Jamie Street

Growing up, I was told
The dangers of addiction
The dangers of seeking pleasure
Adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin
All these chemicals swirling in my brain
Running in my veins
Coursing through my body
Growing up, I was told
To stay away from hedonistic habits
Vices and sins alike
Growing up, I was told
To stay away from
Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol
Growing up, I was told
The dangers of nicotine
The dangers of intoxication
The dangers of overdose
They told me
Withdrawal would send me into peril
Into a state of neither dead or alive
They told me
Once tried, I could never go back
For the body yearns whatever feels great
And would go at all costs just to obtain it
But was I ever told
That I could ever be addicted to something else?
To something living and breathing
Right before my eyes
Ever so thriving
Full of vigor
For I was not told
The dangers of love
Of getting addicted
To someone else
When you left
All I felt was pain, paralyzed
For you were what felt great to me
Your presence sent me to ecstasy
All I ever felt was infinite
From then on
I was just what they described
Neither dead or alive
With the constant yearning
To feel you again
That was when I realized
I was addicted to
You. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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