9 Easy Steps To Take Your Relationship To The Next Level

Sophia Sinclair

1. Don’t do a complete 180 from being their friend to calling them beautiful, and being excessively touchy-feely.

That’ll only make them think that you’re bored, only needing someone to entertain you. You have got to go slow, let it build.

2. Take it slow.

If you’re not already close friends, even if you are, ask them to help you with something, or for advice, but don’t try to talk to them about someone else to make them jealous because that will only confuse them, and make them think you’re fickle or worse piss them off. You’re supposed to be wooing them, getting to know them better, letting them get to know you better, etc…

3. Let them catch you staring at them.

It needs to be clear that they are what you have your attention on. Single them out in a group, sit by them when you go out with others, stick close to them, but don’t be creepy.

4. Point out when they get a new haircut or wear a new top.

Let them know you’re paying attention.

5. Tease them a little.

Have inside jokes, say their name more often, talk about them/to them more often, make them your focus.

6. Tell them you saw something that reminded you of them, something you saw or read, and that you thought of them, that they would like it, etc.

They have to know that you’re thinking about them even if you’re not together, that they are occupying more space in your mind, becoming more of a priority in your life.

7. “Let’s hang out.”

Just you and them doing something fun, talking, whatever. You have to let them get used to the thought of you and them together, alone. It can be anything from you offering to help them paint their living room to running errands with them, or like mini-friend dates or something. The point is you need to be the one that offers to spend time with them, invite them along, make it special, make them laugh, then you can be a little more on the touchy side. Work out together, try something new.

8. Proof.

The moment that you start having feelings for them you need to get some things together in your head because they’re probably going to want to know. You need to get a clear picture of the things that you like about them, when exactly you started developing feelings for them, what changed between just friends to wanting to be something more, and that you have been waiting to tell them because you wanted to give them a chance to match your feelings, make them care about you the same way that you care about them, and that you do care, a lot. Tell them, briefly, what you would be like together, lay it out for them. “I truly believe that we would be great together. We’re already such great friends, and you’re absolutely amazing.” Then, you can offer up a date, at a specific date and time, doing a specific activity, so they know what to wear, etc…, and that while you hope that they say yes, that it’s no pressure because they are still so valuable to you as a friend that you wouldn’t let anything change that. Let them know that yes is okay, and that no, is okay, but that everything will be okay between the two of you no matter what.

9. Go out!

Either way, yes or no, go out with them, be yourself, have a good time, make them feel comfortable, make them laugh, make a memory that they won’t be able to forget, and plan a second date before you end the first one. And if it’s no, don’t be afraid to move on, and try to be with someone else because if they’re not the one then that means that someone else is, and you shouldn’t give up on finding them. Just let your heart heal a bit first, and while, yes, it will be awkward for a little bit, things will go back to normal sooner or later, except for that now, you’ll feel massively relieved that you said something. Because the chance is always there that they feel the exact same way. So, don’t be afraid to go for it! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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