7 Reasons Why Niall Horan Is Hands Down The Best One Direction Member

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Some of you may heard that Niall Horan has recently beat out Harry Styles as the 1D member with the most Twitter followers, but while the media may only now be realizing how perfect Niall James Horan is, us Directioners have known it since the beginning. Here’s seven reasons why you should be as obsessed with him as we all are.

1. Charity

Niall has spoken out against domestic violence, organized a charity soccer match for Autism, and supported the drop4drop clean water initiative. He has even used his love of golf to organize a tournament to raise funds and awareness for children’s cancer research. Not to mention all of the work he did with the group or things the public haven’t been made privy too.

He is also isn’t one to shy away from commenting on political affairs or sharing his opinion about real world issues.

2. He’s a Lad

Speaking of sports, Niall is the epitome of what those folks in the UK call a lad. He plays golf with the likes of Rory Mcilroy. He did his physical therapy for his knee at Chelsea FC’s training grounds. He has shown off his football skills several times in interviews and never fails to rant about his love of sports on Twitter.

3. That laugh

If you have ever heard Niall Horan’s laugh then congratulations, you are that much closer to getting into heaven. Out of all the old 1D boys, Niall is the one who always has a quick, witty comeback for interviewers and is always full of energy. My favorite interview is this one — if you haven’t seen it then go watch it immediately. It will bless your life.

4. That face

Okay, all of the 1D boys are pretty darn fine, but while Harry is the “my left elbow is prettier than your whole face” kind of hot, Niall is the “your older brother’s best friend” kind of hot. Which lends him a charming, innocent “I could actually have this” kind of attractiveness that wrecks fans’ hearts all over the world.

5. His music

The first time I heard “Slow Hands” I had to listen to it twice. It was the song of the summer and made it all the way to number one. And while fans may have had a glimpse of Niall’s writing talents with 1D’s “Temporary Fix” and “Don’t Forget Where You Belong”, I think “Slow Hands” blew us all away. Don’t worry, “This Town”, we love you, too.

6. Flicker Sessions

Taking a stand against scalpers with #verifiedfan, Niall crafted an intimate tour for the fans and his shows sold out. As someone who is going to his Nashville show this month (Hey, Niall!), I am pretty flipping excited to hear the album live. And while some artists’ fans have to pay hundreds of dollars to sit in the balcony, Niall recognizes the importance of the music getting to the fans. You give a little to us, and we will give everything for you.

7. Bobby Horan

The last reason we love Niall, is his dear old dad, Bobby Horan. He’s a butcher who still lives in Niall’s hometown, Mullingar, and you can easily see where Niall inherited his practical down to Earth nature from. It seems as if Bobby Horan is one of the guys and, as seen in “This Is Us”, is so ridiculously proud of his son. But the best part is that Niall clearly feels the same way about his dear old Da.

So, there you have it, seven reasons why Niall Horan is and always will be the best member of One Direction and is the breakout star of 2017. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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