This Is Why It’s Never Your Fault Your Dumbass Boyfriend Cheated On You

This Is Why It's Never Your Fault Your Dumbass Boyfriend Cheated On You
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If he cheats on you, he doesn’t love you. He never did. It’s not your fault. You are good enough, babe, you’re perfect. He’s the asshole. You’re better than him because you’re not going to quit. You still have the capacity to love. I don’t give a fuck if it was a kiss on the cheek, or if you caught them in your bed, it’s still cheating. Any form of cheating is still cheating, and that’s unforgivable, completely unforgivable.

He still broke all that trust you gave him, all that trust you worked so hard to garner and give. He took every dream, every future wish, and smashed it, and now you have to say goodbye. You have to let go of your future wedding plans, and kids’ names, and every time he said, “I love you.” Because the fact is that The One for you isn’t going to hurt you in any way. The One is going to be conscious of your boundaries, and what’s too far, and they’re not going to put what you have together in jeopardy.

He’s not going to meet his ex for lunch to talk about things for closure, and he’s not going to comfort his crying female friend because she just got dumped, and is feeling really “vulnerable” right now. He’s not going to because he knows that if his ex gets a little too cozy, or if he still even needs closure after he’s been dating you for six MONTHS, or if his “friend” kisses him, taking his comforting to another level, that you will leave his ass in a heartbeat, and he doesn’t want to lose you.

You should be first place, number one priority, and if you’re not then you need to find someone who will have you as theirs because that’s what you deserve! There’s no I’m sorry, because the one will know where you stand. Cheating is always a choice! There are no accidents, you didn’t accidentally fuck her, you choose to take a drunk girl home when you were feeling kind of tipsy yourself, you chose to get to close to her, you chose to let her flirty behavior inflate your ego instead of pushing her off. It’s always a choice, and if he chose her for even a second, then you know where you stand.

Don’t let him downgrade you, move on to the man who will make you forget all about that boy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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