11 Things Every 25-Year-Old Needs To Hear Before The Year Ends

1. Stop counting how close you are to 30 years old. You are 25 years old, not “5 years until you’re 30 years old.” Stay present.

2. Remember when you were 12 and you thought all 20-year-olds were grown ups and you wondered what it would feel like to be 25?  You ran towards adulting like a kid chasing an ice cream truck, but now that you’re 25, you’re dreading being 30, and maybe that’s because it feels like you’re running out of time.

3. Here’s some comfort: When Oprah, one of the richest women in the world, was 23 years old, she had just gotten demoted as a news reporter. She was also only making $23,000 a year. Look at her now.

4. You’re just getting started. You just discovered who you are. Magic doesn’t happen until you’re clear about the nature of your existence. The closer you get to the source, to understanding the depths of your truth, the easier it’ll become to stay present and stop racing against time.

5. There is no right way for living. The right way is the way that brings you the most joy.

6. Make choices and stick with them. Then make another choice if it doesn’t work out. Choose quickly. The faster you fall, the faster you rise. Flip a coin and go do it.

7. Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do. Discipline is key. And that 9-5 you hate so much, keep it so you can fund the dream. Build the dream from 5-11.

8. Dive into your passion headfirst. This is the time to fall and fail hard. You won’t know the path unless you start walking. You can’t know what you’re supposed to be doing with your life until you get into action.

9. Everything has a way of working out. The proof is in your life. With everything you’ve been through, my love, you’re still thriving. Do you remember the really challenging moments from four years ago that you thought was just unbearable? Well, look, you’ve made it through.

10. Trust the process and trust the journey.

11. The journey is home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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