6 Messages For Anyone Who Feels Like They’re Drowning In Depression And Anxiety

1. Whether you jump into the water or get pushed into the water, you’re in, so swim. The push is often brutal and painful and we’re never ready for it. The push feels like being so engulfed in depression and anxiety that you don’t want to live. And ironically, at the same time, locking yourself in a dark room being too afraid to die. The push feels like swimming to nowhere with boulders tied to your shoulders .

2. I don’t know what it means to you to swim or that you even know how. But I do know that if you’ve been pushed into the waters of depression, it is your duty and responsibility to learn and to keep yourself afloat. You don’t get to die until you get it right. Depression and anxiety is real. But Depression and anxiety are also just labels. It simply means your own intelligence and mind has turned against you. Find your way back to shore, because you are not a mistake, the world needs you and alive.

3. You can’t resolve depression and anxiety with positive thoughts. All thoughts, whether positive or negative, are a function of the mind, so action is necessary.

4. First practice yoga to cleanse your physical body of the trauma it’s holding onto, then eat the foods that come directly from nature. More importantly, meditate to purify your mind and free yourself from needless suffering. Continue seeking for the truth of your existence, because the more you relentlessly seek, the closer you’ll get to shore.

5. You’ll soon realize that you are not your mind and you are not your body. That which you can notice, must be away from you. Notice your depression, notice your tears, notice your anxiety, and your pain. But remember you are something far more powerful than any of the suffering you experience.

6. The more grateful you become, for being pushed into deep waters, the easier it becomes to swim. You have to fight for the life you want. You can’t sit back idly waiting for a cure for a diseased mind. It won’t come. You have to choose action. Whether you jump into the water or get pushed into the water, you’re in, so swim. One breath at a time, one stroke at a time. Maybe you can’t possibly imagine this, but the entire world is rooting for you.

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