5 Ways To Completely Conquer Your Life And Find Peace

1. Surrendering doesn’t mean sitting back and being lazy. it means giving it 100% and when you’ve reached the end of your rope, trusting that God, the universe, a force or whatever you believe in will come in to meet you.

2. Live a life of being instead of a life of becoming. What’s the difference: Working a job for your freedom (retirement) vs. choosing a job that expresses your freedom. Wanting to travel for your freedom (running away from home) vs traveling to express your freedom. Launching a startup for your freedom( money being the only intention) vs. launching a startup to express your freedom. Doing your makeup and dressing up to feel free (seeking validation) vs. doing it from a place of already being complete to express your freedom. Commit to living a life of BEING instead of a life of BECOMING We are already free so let’s do the things we love to express that freedom as opposed to doing things to be free.  

3. Change your form, then everything is possible. There was a wave, the wave was suffering from a mental health crisis. The wave felt insecure and misplaced. The wave felt bigger than all of the little waves around it. A guru came and looked at the wave’s problem, understood it then said” “change your form. You are the water.” What is the distance between a  wave and the ocean? None. What is the distance between you and this universe? None. Your body is not conscious of its limitations. Don’t get stuck in your form. Once you understand that, there is no such thing as limitations. Your body simply becomes a tool to be used for your needs, and the entire world becomes your playground. 

4. You are the prize. Your ex is your ex for a reason and if you haven’t met the one yet, this is the perfect time to work on being the best version of yourself. 

5. Be present, there you will find the magic. Rumi says whatever you seek is also seeking you, so bask in each moment, keep trusting and enjoy this beautiful ride. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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