11 Ways To Apologize Without Actually Saying, ‘I’m Sorry’

Jake Thacker

I’ll assume we all have read The 4 Agreements. Agreement number two states, don’t take anything personally because nothing people do is because of you. Even though I know this, there are things people do that hurt so much and sometimes all you want to hear is “I’m sorry.” But unfortunately maybe the sorry hasn’t been said, not because they’re not sorry but because they are, for whatever reason uncomfortable with saying sorry.

Here are 11 ways to say sorry without saying “I’m sorry.”


Send flowers with a card that says “I’m sorry.”


Stop by, send a text that says, “I’m outside please forgive me.”


If you know what time they’re home from work, order from their favorite restaurant and have it delivered.


Make them a card with a thoughtful note and mail it or slide it under the door.


Find a song that may express exactly how you’re feeling and send it to them. Make sure you say this song depicts exactly how I’m feeling.


Offer to come over and say, “I want to come over just to hold you.”


Be authentic about how you’re feeling. Be clear that you’re actually sorry but just don’t know how to truly express it. It’s better to do that than to not acknowledge the persons feelings you’ve hurt.


Even if they’ve asked for space, if it’s been a few days, send a text to let them know you’re thinking of them. Although they’re upset, some part of them wants to know you still care. Make sure to keep it brief and don’t be intrusive.


Plan a date. Instead of saying “It would be nice to see you but I know you’re upset.” Try, “I got us tickets to see a movie at 8pm I’m really hoping to see you.”


Write an email or a letter. Old school but communication is key.


Maybe you should, at the end of it all, just say you’re sorry. Because is losing the one you love worth just two words? Remember it’s not the words that matter but the intention behind it. If you’re truly sorry, they will feel it when you express it. Life is short. Apologize and get to living. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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