10 Reasons Why We Still Need Feminism

1. Because a girl that I babysit is already dieting and has body issues. She’s in 5th grade.

2. Because I have literally never seen a TV advertisement that depicts a stay-at-home dad or a working mother. The mother is always happily in the home, doing things like cleaning the toilet seat rim.

3. Because, at a recent high school track team auction, there were baskets labeled as “male oriented” and “female oriented”. Guess which bag was pink. I suppose they assume that women flock to the color pink like jungle animals at a depleted watering hole.

4. Because my 16-year-old sister got called out at school for wearing revealing shorts. She just so happens to have a non-flat butt, just like all of the other juicy-bottomed girls who get sent to the office for clothing issues. Flat girls rarely get pointed out, and boys never get reprimanded for wearing “wife-beaters” or sagging pants.

5. Because I read an article the other day on Thought Catalog entitled, “I’m A Feminist, But I Don’t Eat Pussy”. It’s supposed to be a satire, I think. But is it funny? I respect an individual’s sexual choices, but writing an article about the “nastiness” of eating pussy is not funny.

6. Because many women are still too shy to ask for sexual satisfaction, and feel obligated to please men without pleasing themselves.

7. Because birth control is still a controversial issue. Viagra has been covered by health insurance for a while, but the birth control pill still is not covered by all insurance companies. If men were the ones responsible for taking the pill, I’m sure that no one would have even taken a second look at the issue.

8. Because rape jokes are made way too often. Because rape is still too often blamed on the woman. Because women are taught to not get raped, instead of men being taught not to rape.

9. Because 26,000 women serving our country in the military reported a sexual assault in 2012. There were undeniably countless others that did not report their experiences.

10. Because the word “feminist” still carries a negative connotation. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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