Mercury In Retrograde

Exactly How Mercury Affects You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Mercury rules over intellectual energy: communication, reasoning, speaking, writing, and even how you understand and assimilate the world around you.


These people are outspoken and aggressive. They can be ironic, sarcastic, and very funny, but should be careful to not be tactless or biting (I mean that in their speech but also please don’t bite people…with Aries it’s better to be safe than sorry lol). They usually have no fear of public speaking, and are often great writers as well, as they are very expressive. This position can also make them impatient and impulsive, but lucky for them, Mercury in Aries people are often right in their first decision.


These people have a practical, stable, and rigid mindset. They won’t start anything new without being fully prepared. They are very confident in their opinions, but this can be a problem when they won’t consider other’s views. They are very elegant and refined in their manners, and are often great at socializing. However, Mercury in Taurus people can be very shy with strangers, and would feel more at home reading than in the middle of a crowd. This position gives you a knack for handling money…which they need since Taurus loves all things beautiful ;)


Mercury is at home in Gemini. These people are the masters of multi-tasking, and they have a variety of interests. It often seems as though they know everything (they probably think they do lol) but in reality, their knowledge skims the surface. They know a bit about everything, but not a lot about any one thing in particular. Mercury in Gemini’s love dealing with facts and information, they excel in school work and are often good at languages. They are quick-witted, clever, and humorous.


This position has an almost sixth-sense, and easily picks up on the cues of those they’re socializing with. They can adapt to whoever they’re talking with, making many people feel comfortable when speaking with them. They are very sensitive to what others think of them (surprise, surprise ;)). Mercury in Cancer people can be a bit stubborn in their viewpoints, not easily changing their mind, but they are good at keeping this concealed and maintaining a pleasant social facade. These people have vivid imaginations and excel in writing – especially poetry.

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Mercury in Leo’s are gifted at organizing, directing, and managing others. Their sunny disposition allows them to lead others with eloquence. However, if things don’t turn out their way, these people can turn arrogant, boastful, or even throw a temper tantrum (say it ain’t so!). The good news is, they are so charming and magnetic that people usually forgive them pretty quickly for any outbursts. They are determined to be successful, and would do best in a creative field like the theater and performing arts.


Mercury is exalted here, and gives the mind a very analytical quality. Like Gemini, they do best when dealing with facts. Indeed, Mercury in Virgo people want to know all sides to the story, and every piece to the puzzle before making up their mind. They are very quick learners, but often wear themselves down or become hypercritical. These people may be a bit emotionally detached, and certainly have little patience for those who can’t keep up with them intellectually. They do best in scientific or researcher positions.


These are the people who love making pros and cons lists. They look at all the factors and weigh all the outcomes to make the best choice. Honestly though, most have great intuitions and seem to know things instantly. Socially, Libras shine (of course). They are friendly, sympathetic, and gentle. Even if they disagree with you, they won’t say so, just to avoid confrontation. They are very charismatic in their speech. Mercury in Libra people do their best work in groups or pairs, with someone to guide them.


These people are the investigators, unafraid of digging beneath the surface. They are skilled at questioning and probing to get the information they want. In fact, you could say they are drawn to the things that are hidden, and many get into the occult. They are not easily fooled or mislead, and this could be due to their vast emotional intelligence. Mercury in Scorpio people may be stubborn in their opinions, and often have a bit of a temper as well. They can use their infinite sarcasm to make you laugh…or cry.

Sagittarius ︎

In Sagittarius, Mercury makes a person value life-long learning. They love reading, exploring, and meeting new people. They are quick learners, grasping concepts in a flash, but they do have a lack of concentration that holds them back. This makes them restless, constantly jumping from subject to subject in pursuit of new stimulation. Completing large projects might be hard for them. Some might think they are blunt and tactless, but these people are just trying to be honest. Their speech is bright and breezy, and they value freedom of expression.


People with this placement are patient, calculating, and methodical. They are great at dealing with small details without losing sight of the big picture. Their logical minds make them great in leadership positions, where they exude authority. Their decision making is very rational, and always in pursuit of a goal. They can come across as serious and disapproving when communicating with others, but they make up for this with their often dry sense of humor.


This position makes people inventive, clever, and inquisitive. They are excellent judges of human nature. With their powers of observation, they are able to analyze someone’s character and motivations. They can predict peoples reactions, all while maintaining a detached outlook. This makes these people ardent people-watchers. Mercury in Aquarius makes people favor conversations about the future, philosophy, and the taboo. They may come across as eccentric, and often love saying things for their shock-value.


Mercury is in detriment in Pisces, and indeed, these people rely more on their intuition than facts. To others, their mind is a bit of a mystery. Instead of using logic to reach conclusions, these people will just get a feeling, which often turns out to be correct. Some may possess a psychic ability. These people are creative and have an active imagination, but lack self-confidence. They can come across as confused or not make any sense. Socially, this placement is deeply empathetic and understanding. They are very sensitive to their surroundings, and cannot think or communicate clearly if they are upset. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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