Wake Up, Nothing Lasts Forever

Whoever you’re with and wherever you are, love that.

It may not sound romantic but nothing lasts forever. Not this holiday, not this date you’re on, not even your singleness. Try to keep that at the forefront of your mind.

As you’re loving someone, remember: Let me love them deeper. Let me show them how I’ve been listening. Let me let the fault finding go. Let me give up my forcefulness and let my love be. Let me TRUST in what comes and goes and in the love that I have, right now, in this rare moment in time.

As you’re sitting with yourself by yourself, remember: There will be a day when my partner is hovering over my back, ready to head out into the world together. There will be a day when my child is hanging off one breast or begging me for more chicken fingers. There will be a day when I can’t just stare off into space without someone looking and asking me what in God’s name is on my mind. One day, there will be less and less and little solitude.

I remember the night that this all hit me. I was alone and I couldn’t go to sleep and I was worried about how it all would affect me in the morning. But instead of beating myself up, per usual, I got out of bed at 3am, heated up some pizza, put on my headphones with music blasting, (to respect my neighbors, of course), and I JAMMED OUT.

Because I realized that the sleeplessness wouldn’t last forever. The pizza wouldn’t last forever. The song wouldn’t last forever.  My singleness wouldn’t last forever… and neither would this perspective.

I seized the lull… and turned it into a moment I’ll never forget.

I hope you find a way to excite the people in front of you today and, so importantly, I hope you excite yourself.

Remember, you’re dating yourself for the rest of your life, don’t hold back the love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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