23 Reasons Why It Surprisingly Doesn’t Suck To Be 23

Twenty20 / vanilliyy
Twenty20 / vanilliyy

1. We have time to figure it all out. Don’t have your shit figured out? Guess what? IT’S OKAY. We are still so young. The world is our oyster! We have SO MUCH time left to figure it out.

2. We are sexy. Guys, it’s only going downhill from here. Let’s appreciate the fact that we can still run a mile without passing out and eat those McDonalds French fries without automatically bloating up. The vast majority of us don’t have wrinkles and don’t have a head full of gray yet.

We are sexy, dammit.

3. Everyone assumes millennials are coddled idiots, so expectations are set low. Contrary to popular belief, we are not all stupid and living off of Daddy’s money.

4. If you get pregnant, it’s okay. We made it through teen pregnancy! Woo hoo! If we get knocked up now, society tells us that it’s indeed acceptable.

5. We no longer give a shit. We are done acting like we like everyone and trying to people please. We are becoming more selfish, in a good way.

6. We are finding our true passions. Through our life experiences, and sometimes through trial and error, we are finding what our purpose is.

7We are grown-ass women. We can make your own choices in life without feeling compromised by anyone, not even our parents. Want to quit your job and apply elsewhere? Do it. Dying to get a tattoo? This is YOUR life. If you screw up and make irresponsible choices, you’ll earn from them fast. Because no one else is accountable for you except for YOU.

8. We are closer to our family. We are beginning to actually like our parents and realize that they were right about everything all along.

9. We have energy. Like, lots of it. We are spastic fireballs yearning to make a difference. Let’s use it for something good!!

10. Things are exciting. Guys, what an EXCITING time in our life this is. Our life could go in any single direction, and we have the power to create our own destiny. This is OUR time to be great.

11. We are old enough to inspire & be role models. We already have life experiences through past relationships, jobs, and education that can help benefit children and teenagers. Let’s use our age to our advantage. (Although those poor saps will never understand the struggle of home phones connected by cords, getting your VHS eaten by the VCR, or cracking the screen of your Razr flip phone.)

12. We are young enough to get married…AND young enough to stay single. We aren’t 35 yet thinking, oh shit. I better get married soon. This is the age where it’s appropriate to both be married AND single.

13We can still be young and crazy. At 23, we are pretty much over the drinking-4-nights-in-a-row-and-eating-pizza-for-breakfast-daily kinda thing. HOWEVER, if we choose to indulge just ONE last time “for old time’s sake,” nobody will judge. At least, I won’t judge you.

14. We don’t accept less than we deserve. By 23, most of us have experienced both true love and heart break. At this point in our lives, we aren’t going to let some douchebag walk all over us. We know our worth and we stick to it. (See also #5).

15. We have discovered life after ramen noodles. Instead, we discovered the glorious invention of the Crock-Pot and are actually trying to make healthy meals for once.

16. We have time to make mistakes. Think of making mistakes as learning tools. Think you majored in the wrong thing in college? Guess what? YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO DO SOMETHING GREAT WITH YOUR LIFE!!!! Making mistakes is pivotal to success. Learn from them!!

17. We are shifting our focus to more important matters. When we were 18, we cared more about the guy who lived three dorms down from us than the upcoming election. Now, we are trying to become more informed, contributing citizens to our society. Because (well shit!) we ARE the future.

18. We are treated less like babies and more like adults. You mean I have to do my own taxes this year?

19. We are professionals now…kinda. We are no longer clueless college kids. We are equipped with the necessary skills to start a career, and it’s so inspiring. We are starting to feel like we actually belong in the world.

20Our relationships are more intentional. We are finding who our “people are.” We have discarded fake friends and have swapped them out with people who truly care. We become bridesmaids, Maids of Honors, and godmothers.

21We’re living alone and it’s awesome. Yeah, having a house full of girls in college was the bomb. But living alone has its perks as well. You can be your own boss and not have to worry about inconveniencing your roommate in any way.

22We live in the Age of Information. Although it seems like social media can sometimes be a curse, we live in an age where we can meet and communicate with people all over the world in the comfort of our own living room. How neat is that?!

23. I’ll leave this here. That is all. At 23…..JK Rowling was broke. Tina Fey was working at the Y.M.C.A. Oprah had just gotten fired from her first job as a TV reporter. Walt Disney had declared bankruptcy. IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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