An Open Letter To The Women Who Wouldn’t Accept Me Into Her Family

   Ivan Obolensky

Ivan Obolensky

When I started dating your son, I asked him “Will your family like me?” He replied, “Of course, what’s not to love.”

Not to toot my own horn but even you would go on to call me “ambitious,” like it was a flaw.

I guess having your life together, having started a career and have your required six year degree completed with a perfect GPA completed before hitting a quarter of a century is another flaw.

I am by no means a perfect person, but I would’ve done anything to feel like part of your family.

The one time I mentioned the word family at your dinner table, you had a disgusted look on your face when I mentioned I wasn’t close to mine. Another flaw.

Maybe no one will ever be good enough for your “little” boy. But maybe you should’ve taught him how to treat the people you care about. Showing love and care is not a consuming act, it’s not a controlling act. If you love someone you let them grow. You allow them to grow through their mistakes but catch them every time they fall. But I suppose that’s one of my flaws.

When I faced the hardest decision I hope, I ever have to make, your son told me I was making the choice that would be best for YOU. Not me. Not him. Not our relationship. But you will never even know I made that choice. No harm, no foul right?

Remember that time your twenty something son, snuck out of your house. Well guess what. He wasn’t with me. Remember that time you went on vacation and your twenty something son, threw a banger. Well guess what, I respected you enough to not be there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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