Thank You For Making Me Smile Again

It’s a hard thing, to be happy after your heart has been broken. When it feels like you will be this broken shell forever. You feel raw and vulnerable. It’s hard to imagine that life will ever feel normal and happy again. You’re so broken and hurt that you’ve decided being hurt is easier than getting hurt. While you are not happy about this fact, it is one you have accepted and started to feel comfortable with.

When you least expect it, though, something magical happens: You meet someone new. You meet someone that makes you feel brand new and shiny. They make you feel worthy and everything you haven’t felt in so long. They are fantastic, and they do this amazing thing—they make you smile, and it brings tears to your eyes because you never thought this would happen again.

Smiling stopped feeling natural after you were broken. It stopped being your go-to emotion and was reserved for special occasions and pleasantries. With them, though, smiling is as easy as breathing, and occurs just as often. You laugh, feel joy, and have wonder again. The smile you had lost becomes contagious and flourishes. You smile at the sound of their name, you smile at the look in their eyes, and you smile at the feel of their skin. It is so wonderful that your face hurts.

The smile they replaced makes you feel like you’re finally yourself again. You’ve returned to a bubbly, happy and joyful person. They have restored the hope that life is getting better and reinforced the knowledge that you won’t always be broken. They remind you that your scars are just as beautiful as the rest of you. They understand that you have a past—they have one too—but they are more fascinated by your future to care or hold it against you.

I can never thank the man that made me smile again enough. He made the sun rise in my darkness; he made me remember that I am my own light and no one can put it out. He reminded me that I shine bright like Cinderella’s castle on a dark evening. He reminded me that being happy is so much better than being broken and all I need is myself to be happy.

Hey, I told you it was magical.

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