Tell Them You Love Them, Even When It’s Terrifying

It’s horrifying, dangerous, and potentially earth-shattering. Your world can go from peaceful and connected to broken and crazy. It can change everything. I want you to do it anyway. Tell them you love them. Shout it from rooftops, write it in the sky. Just say it, loud and proud. Say “I LOVE YOU” every chance you can.

The scary thing about life is that three little words can change so much, but you are blind to the direction of that change until it happens. Sure, it can crush you. The thought of them not saying it back can be gut wrenching, but what does keeping it inside accomplish? Not saying “I love you” keeps you frozen in a moment that never reached its full potential.

Saying “I love you” is beautiful. It spreads positivity and togetherness. It shares your hopes and dreams. It warms the soul like a fire on a picture perfect summer night. Your soul deserves the peace of saying I love you. There is no greater level of vulnerability than saying this, and that’s okay! Sure, it can cause problems. It could end a friendship or drive an ex-boyfriend to call you annoying. However, it can also result in beautiful fireworks and an overload of euphoria.

These three words can change so much that it is scary. I want you to do it anyway. Nothing is more freeing than saying these words to someone. It reminds them of their importance and you of your own emotions. It is powerful and makes you just as fierce. Do not be afraid of the change, for it will always end up being the perfect change for you.

So say it. Shout out, “I love you.” For at the end of the day, good or bad, it sets your soul free to breathe and heal. It keeps your soul moving through life, stopping the freeze and filling your body with warmth. It is a beautiful thing to love, so enjoy the beauty and remember to always say it loud.

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