26 Things I Still Don’t Know At 26


Most writers every year write an “ age you’re turning” Thing I Know at “age you’re turning”. You’ve seen them, I’ve seen them, and while even I am guilty of this article phenomenon, I realized that for the most part they’re all the same.

The things we learn at each stage in our life is just like a development chart, a way to measure what things us millennial should be capable at in each age bracket. But while I think I’ve learned a lot of things in the year since I turned 25, I definitely didn’t learn 26 new things (that seems excessive). What I can say is, at this age I’m actually more aware of the things I don’t know more than the things I do know. So here it is, all the things I still don’t know at 26.

1. Why I’m beginning to sound like my parents

2. How not to be, slightly jealous of some people on Facebook

3. How Donald Trump became President (too soon?)

4. When not to put smiley emoji’s in work emails

5. Why hangovers are progressively getting harder to handle

6. Exactly how to fill out a W2 form (I mean why is there so much information on it if you’re only suppose to check a few boxes?)

7. What makes a person interesting

8. How, according to my Facebook, (see unlearned lesson 2) everyone is always on vacation

9. If I can or cannot still wear daisy dukes outside at my age

10. Give advice to people without sounding too preachy

11. How to forgive my parents for all of the things that they weren’t

12. How to grapple with the fact that I’ll be paying off student loans forever on a degree I don’t really use.

13. How to make new adult friends that aren’t your co-workers

14. How to tell if my generation is as bad as people make us out to be

15. Exactly how’s you’re suppose to light a stove burner without blowing up the kitchen

16. If I should be going out more

17. If I should be staying in more (like what is ratio between thing I do not know 16 and 17?!)

18. Why all the good artist die young

19. How to approach a hot guy at a bar (this is not a confidence thing this is a logistical question, bars are crowded and loud)

20. How to care more about things I don’t care about

21. What percentage of my wardrobe should be things from places other than Forever 21

22. How to hangout with my friends without having to “schedule” hangout time

23. How to reassure my parents I won’t be alone forever

24. What the effects of all this “binge watching” TV shows might be

25. What’s more important, saving or traveling

26. If I’m suppose to have all the above figured out already Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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