18 Occasions When Taking A Shower Is Just The Best


1. On a cold day when all you want is to feel your toes again.

2. After a hard day when you just need a good cry where no one can see or hear you.

3. When you’re dying of a headache.

4. When you’re dying of the flu.

5. When you’re dying of a hangover (this shower may consist of you sitting in the shower depending on how hungover you are).

6. After really good sex.

7. On a hot days when you’re sticky and sweaty and all you need is to feel like a human again.

8. When you smell so bad even you can’t stand to be around yourself.

9. When you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep.

10. After an intense workout when if you move 1 more muscle you might collapse.

11. Before going out when you have your going out pump music blaring.

12. When you have someone in the shower with you.

13. When you’re in a shower with one of those really nice shower heads that makes you feel like you’re at the spa.

14. When you have really good smelling body soap and then the whole bathroom smells like it.

15. Before you go out on a date.

16. When you’re tying to avoid looking at your phone for whatever reason.

17. Early in the morning when you can’t quite wake up.

18. Anytime for any reason because showers are the best and most underrated 1st world luxury I can think of. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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