18 Ways You Know You’ve Gone From Friends To Best Friends

Because adult friendships are hard, and it’s kind of scary saying the bff title for the first time to someone over the age of 10. Here are some surefire ways you can tell that your friendship has reached that next level:

1. You’ve shared your sacred Netflix & Hulu passwords with this person.

2. When they call you at 1pm on a Saturday to make plans to go out you are completely honest about your aim for the evening — whether it be movies and stuffing your face or getting dressed up & getting laid — and they’ll accept it.

3. You’ve let them see you cry.

4. “What should I do if I have a UTI?” is a perfectly acceptable text to send to them without any context.

5. You see Groupons and immediately buy two (one for each of you).

6. You’ve let them drag you to a yoga, cross fit or Zumba class and didn’t feel the urge to kill them when you can’t move the next day.

7. The best time you’ve ever had with them was the time you went grocery shopping together.

8. When you’re hanging out, sometimes you laugh so hard your body hurts.

9. It is possible for you two to communicate in just emoji’s…and everything makes perfect sense.

10. You seek their approval on your new Tinder matches to decide which one you should pursue.

11. You snapchat them that all hours of the day and/or night.

12.  When you feel like ignoring everyone (because life is hard) they’re the only ones you’ll respond to/ let come over because you know they won’t irritate you further.

13. You know the fastest way to get to their apartment.

14. You’d totally help them move (or flee the country).

15. In addition to occasional telepathy, they’ll also sometimes say exactly what you’re thinking out loud. 

16. When the two of you hang out in public, there’s a good chance you look like complete idiots. Neither of you care. 

17. When you talk to your other friends, you forget that you haven’t told them everything about your date the other night because you already told your new bestie.

18. We all grow, evolve, and fade away from who we once were. But at this stage in life? You just get each other. 

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