8 Things You Do When You Actually Like Your Co-Workers


1. Spend a lot of time on G-Chat

If anyone asks it’s for professional reasons, of course. Unofficially though, it’s probably a good thing your boss doesn’t routinely read your discussions. When you become friends with your co-workers, its pretty much an unspoken rule that you will be chatting periodically about everything from last night’s bad date to why on God’s green earth does there have to be so many Google Docs for everything.

2. Volunteer to help them out

.. and by help, I mean sit in their office until they’re done out of solidarity. It makes all tasks go by faster when one of your favorite co-workers pitches in or simply just keeps you company on a night when you’d much rather be home in your sweats than sitting at your desk.

3. Spend time with each other outside the office

Happy hours, yoga classes, helping each other move – it’s almost like they’re (GASP) not just your co-workers but your friends! You actually enjoy talking to them about their lives and have a genuine interest in their out of work activities.

4. Erupt into random fits of laughter at meetings or over emails

Because you have tons of inside jokes (see g-chat point from above) and because you basically do the same job, you understand each other on a very real level. Depending on how long you’ve worked together, this might occur without any verbal communication whatsoever. I’ve seen this happen, it’s insane.

5. Support each other through hard stuff

It can get kind of tricky keeping your personal life completely out of your work life (if for some reason someone is amazing at this please tell me your secrets in the comments section) but when you work with cool people they help you keep it together when those pesky personal life issues do find their way leaking into work life. Without even trying they keep you focused when the furthest thing in your mind is work, and the best coworkers have a knack of offering unsolicited advice that is both funny and helpful.

6. Cover each others back

Like when you left early because you honestly could not handle one more minute of (insert mind numbing task here and they totally covered for you.) Or when they totally fucked up that really important thing for your boss and you had the decency not to throw them under the bus to make yourself look better. In the dog eat dog world of professional careers, it’s always nice to know that you have people looking out for you and vice versa.

7. Know each others Starbucks order

This is when you know it’s not just like, it’s love. The day your co-worker or boss brings you your favorite Starbucks drink you immediately realize you can never have any other job.

8. Enjoy coming to work

Hopefully you like your job for other reasons, but the icing on the cake is definitely having people you enjoy seeing while you’re actually at work. They make the grueling and sometimes daunting day to day seem much more fun and often times even become apart of your extended family. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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